- We advise you and look for the room or apartment that suits you best.

- Repair service 24 hours a day (electrician,  plumber,  locksmith...).

- Insurance: If the flat is not according to the description within the first 24 hours, we will find you a new one. 


- Public Transportation Card. So that you can go anywhere in the city. 

- Sim Card to use your phone without needing Wi-Fi.

- Free Local Bank Account in order to operate locally without any commissions.

- Welcome Grocery Shopping: we'll make sure that you won't be hungry during your first days :)

- Football tickets to Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

- Assistance in Currency Conversion with minimal commission rates.


As a member of the Werasmus community, you will have great discounts on events and parties, as well as access to exclusive trips.


- Activities in the city such as tours, local markets, museums...

- Maps and Guides of Madrid and its Public Transport service.

- NIE registration. Let us help you get your Foreign ID Number.

- Home insurance.

- Private health insurance.

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* All our packages include full refund

Do you think it´s too much?


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