Great choice! You will benefit from the following services:

  • We'll find the perfect flat according to your preferences.
  • Local SIM card with free internet and national calls.
  • Bank account & Debit card.
  • Public Transportation Card. Go anywhere you want!
  • Welcome Grocery Shopping. We have you cover so that you can survive the first few days in the city!
  • Currency Convertion with low commission rates.
  • House Maintenance. We will put you in touch with electricians, plumbers and locksmiths so that you can always be covered.
  • Public transportation maps, so that you know how to get there!
  • City guides to know everything there is to discover about your city.
  • Information on NIE & TIE registration.
  • Information on VISA applications for outside EU.
  • Information on private health insurance.
  • Information on house insurance.
  • Access to discounts on events and parties in the city.



  • This package includes full refund up to 45 days prior to arrival.

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